Welcome to The “Needlery,” offering creative alternatives to aesthetics and the aging process.  Here at the Needlery, we quite literally stick it to aging!

Christian Hunt, LAc, MAcOM, LMP and certified Skin Revisionist offers a free consultation to assess the treatment you may desire, and then creates a plan to achieve goals for your body or face.

Whether results are to decrease fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow’s-feet, acne scars, pits, stretch marks, age spots, scars, or broken capillaries, “The Needlery” offers a natural, safe alternative to fillers, botox, expensive lasers or harsh peels. Methods such as needlederm abrasion, dermal rolling or acupuncture can safely assist the body’s own healing properties- plumping collagen and filling areas of dull- lifeless skin. The beauty (pun intended) downtime is minimal and costs are far less than other procedures.

In conjunction with “The Needlery”, Christian also offers Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapies, bodywork, nutritional supplements and advice.  Practicing acupuncture since 2001, massage therapy since 1994; Christian, opened Chopstix Acupuncture and bodywork studio in 2003.  She is adept at treating many health challenges, and welcomes the opportunity to work with you!

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