detailed aftercare instructions for tattoo removal




It is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment to keep the treated area dry.  When showering, cover with saran wrap or I have non- stick shower protectors.  When using the non- stick protectors, as an added precaution, apply non stick gauze to wound prior to application.

If the wound does get wet, be it sweat, or shower, etc.  You may use a hair dryer on a COOL setting to dry.  NOT THAT IS THE AREA GET WET AND THE SCAB SLOUGHS OFF, SCARRING MAY OCCUR, AND THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE TREATMENT IS DEMINSHED.



Enough said.  If the scab is picked prematurely, the effectiveness of the treatment is diminished, and there is a greater chance of scarring.


*DO NOT PUT LOTIONS, OILS, OR ANY MOISTURE ON THE WOUND…ESPECIALLY NEOSPORIN. If you feel that there are signs of infection, use the HOCL product (briotech topical skin solution).   Signs of infection include green puss or discharge.  If this occurs, please call me immediately. Bacticin is a good anti bacterial treatment. 


COVER THE WOUND IF WAISTBANDS OR CLOTHING WILL ADHERE TO TREATED AREA.  In the first 5-9 days there will be a period of time the wound is still moist.  Cover (non stick telfa gauze) so to prevent the wound from sticking to clothing or sheets and when undressing, peeling off the layer of skin that adhered to clothes… this will hinder the healing, as well as the effectiveness of the removal process.  The rest of the time, keep open air available to the healing process.


*it is normal for the skin to appear pink 1 year after the treatment process

*after the scab falls off, use vit. E, Mederma, bio oil, or coconut oil to help with healing and the prevention of scarring.

*appointment for follow up should be with in 6-8 weeks.

*crust to scab to sloughing off can take up to 2 weeks.

*removal aftercare instructions are also on paperwork that was signed and dated if more reference is needed.

*email or call if there are any questions:, 206 547.1104

* HOCL topical skin solution information:

what a difference a year makes!

It has almost been a year since I have embarked on this crazy tattoo removal venture.  It is hard to believe that in such a brief amount of time… how many amazing men and women I have met.  I have been fortunate to share hysterical laughter hearing stories of how the tattoo came to be. I have Held hands and dabbed away tears before and after removing wedding bands, dates, names, and symbols of a lost love.  The representation of a tattoo and its permanence, coupled with the hope for eternity (eternity symbols are rough) is a beautiful sentiment, while its absence and its removal… painful, both spiritually and physically. I have been in awe of mistakes, and “artistic’ leniency of  “body art” and what was asked by the client.  I have been in wonder of misconceptions of what the removal procedure entails. So, I thought I would write a bit to clarify…just in case anyone is interested and to assist in comprehending the removal process in greater detail.


Yes, there will be blood.  In the intake form that everyone is required to sign and fill out, as well as my lengthy conversations about the procedure…there are a great many mentions of keeping the wound/scab clean and dry. In my explaining the procedure, I discuss a tattoo needle opening the skin to contact the dormant ink in the dermal layer.  Skin open + scab= blood.


 The procedure will most likely take more than one treatment. I have removed various tattoos in one session. In these cases the ink was fresh (with in a week).  In another case a person needed to be back in China for a governmental position and a tattoo was not permitted. He had no issue with potential scarring and needed it gone.  On another occasion, I had a woman that needed a tattoo removed from above her neck- line.  The military has stricter guidelines about visible tattoos. This woman had gone through lasers with little success, she needed it to be removed quickly. Another military scenario: while on leave and too much tequila my client passed out, his “friend” tattooed,”f*ck life” on the soldier’s fingers while “napping”. No tattoos are allowed on the hands while serving in the armed forces. We made those letters and sentiment go away just in time for his deployment. On average, 4-8 seems to be the average number. Of course, this depends on the size, color, depth, and the complexity of the tattoo, and as mentioned,  post treatment care.



 Aftercare. It is not a good idea to sweat, swim, and suntan, do sweaty yoga, run in the rain, or take a hard spin class. Anything that will get the treated area wet. You of course are able to do as you wish, but this hinders the effectiveness of the treatment.  Cover the wound while it is still seeping so it does not stick to clothing or sheets. Keep it Dry, Dry, Dry.



 If you think you are pregnant, or or within the first 3 months of pregnancy, or in the fertile/ovulatory time frame and want to conceive…lets wait.  That is my Chinese Medicine talking, better safe than sorry.



 If you know you are sensitive, lets get you numbing cream 40 minutes before the treatment.



 I observed this really quickly. Ladies, if it is that time of the month…your skin and nerve receptors are way more sensitive. Tramp stamps are hell… We can wait a couple of days… or just know the session is a bit more painful than what you may have experienced prior.  AH, hormones…



 All needles and grips are sterilized and are used one time with one person.  The needles and grips promptly go into a sharps container after use. I either send the container off to Evanston, Ill. To be incinerated, or Fremont has a sharps disposal facility.



 Perhaps, second to the wound care would be the comparison of this method to laser removal.  I recently had a client that needed her tattoo removed.  Her body was having a systemic reaction to the ink.  It was a beautiful tattoo, but she was having terrible psoriatic skin lesions.  She had never experienced this condition prior to receiving the tattoo.  So, lets take laser…. Heat the ink; dispel the particles so the body would have to filter it throughout the lymph system, in addition to blood, liver, urine, and sweat.  If this person is already sensitive to the ink or allergic, serious problems could ensue.  Because this tattoo was orange, yellow, black and red… the effectiveness of the laser would be minimal.  Black and red have the best likelihood of being removed using laser.  Anything mixed with white is nearly impossible to remove with most lasers. Here is the caveat; there are lasers that are able to remove pinks, violets, greens, limes, blues, etc.  but get your checkbook, or credit card, ready… its very expensive.  Ok, back to my client.  With my method, the trauma and healing is local.  No need for the ink particles to go anywhere but up and out with the amazing and compliant ability of my client to take care of the scab. 



 I am really enjoying lightening tattoos for cover ups…It is very effective, takes less time and less money than laser treatments (Ill post a recent pic soon). I love this also because fewer treatments mean decreased scarring, which means an easier time  for the tattoo artist.  It is hard to tattoo scar tissue.  Scarring happens with both methods. Again, with mine…its taking care of the wound.  Post scab care is important as well. I suggest massaging mederma, or emu oil, vit. E oil, or a combo of the above for diminishing scars.  I have a product I am developing I hope to offer that soon for after treatment care.


 WELL, that about wraps up the logistics of this entry. Let’s move on to fun stuff….

Cool happenings: I will be teaching spin and indo row at Rival Fitness in Capital hill starting mid to late April.  I am also teaching at Core Power Yoga in Ballard.

I have 2 massage therapists practicing out of chopstix.  Chrissandra is there on Mondays, and Patrick is AWESOME.  He comes back to Seattle from Reno once a month to work with his clientele. If you are interested in seeing them, please let me know.

The acupuncture Facial rejuvenation is back on the menu at chopstix…. I have a monthly membership option to decrease costs. I am super excited about this… in conjunction with dermal rolling or collagen induction therapy… great skin, and less down time than the heavy CIT modality.  Speaking of collagen induction… I have been able to work on a number of clients with stretch marks recently…  I am excited to see the results. Tattoo clients, call for packages as well.

 I am excited to work with the wonderful ladies on Mondays at the sweet spot sugaring studio. I miss working in a community, and this is a great opportunity to be hanging with the wonderful Lara, DeAne, and Caitlin.  This will happen post El Salvador surfing tip may-june.  So early June I will be taking tattoo removal sessions, acupuncture facials, collagen induction, look for specials via facebook and twitter via the needlery and the sweet spot!



 I would also love to mention the amazing and incredible Natalie Angelillo. I met Natalie years ago spinning. She incessantly amazes me. Her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring, (not to mention she will kill you on a bike). Nataile is the co-founder of Swink Style bar and has recently ventured on to found SwopBoard. SwopBoard is an online marketplace to buy, sell, and give back to local schools. Every transaction involves trusted users who share similar lifestyles ie, people in your schools, neighborhood, communities, etc. Listing is free, and you are welcome to donate 100% of your proceeds to a school, or 10% is automatically transferred to your school of choice, a list is on the website.  Check out (there is a great evening magazine piece featuring Natalie) to sell all the items you unearth while spring cleaning your closets and garages. The other cool feature of this site, you can post wants as well! It is an amazing philanthropic venture, and I am proud to call Natalie a friend.



Thanks for reading!