detailed aftercare instructions for tattoo removal




It is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment to keep the treated area dry.  When showering, cover with saran wrap or I have non- stick shower protectors.  When using the non- stick protectors, as an added precaution, apply non stick gauze to wound prior to application.

If the wound does get wet, be it sweat, or shower, etc.  You may use a hair dryer on a COOL setting to dry.  NOT THAT IS THE AREA GET WET AND THE SCAB SLOUGHS OFF, SCARRING MAY OCCUR, AND THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE TREATMENT IS DEMINSHED.



Enough said.  If the scab is picked prematurely, the effectiveness of the treatment is diminished, and there is a greater chance of scarring.


*DO NOT PUT LOTIONS, OILS, OR ANY MOISTURE ON THE WOUND…ESPECIALLY NEOSPORIN. If you feel that there are signs of infection, use the HOCL product (briotech topical skin solution).   Signs of infection include green puss or discharge.  If this occurs, please call me immediately. Bacticin is a good anti bacterial treatment. 


COVER THE WOUND IF WAISTBANDS OR CLOTHING WILL ADHERE TO TREATED AREA.  In the first 5-9 days there will be a period of time the wound is still moist.  Cover (non stick telfa gauze) so to prevent the wound from sticking to clothing or sheets and when undressing, peeling off the layer of skin that adhered to clothes… this will hinder the healing, as well as the effectiveness of the removal process.  The rest of the time, keep open air available to the healing process.


*it is normal for the skin to appear pink 1 year after the treatment process

*after the scab falls off, use vit. E, Mederma, bio oil, or coconut oil to help with healing and the prevention of scarring.

*appointment for follow up should be with in 6-8 weeks.

*crust to scab to sloughing off can take up to 2 weeks.

*removal aftercare instructions are also on paperwork that was signed and dated if more reference is needed.

*email or call if there are any questions:, 206 547.1104

* HOCL topical skin solution information: