Hitting the bricks

The onset of developing “the needlery” and educating people about non-laser tattoo removal has been exciting. I have been hitting it hard, attending lunches, chamber meetings, women’s groups, salons, etc.… I haven’t worked up enough courage to hit tattoo parlors yet. Need to be really on my game ☺

So far, the main question I get is, “ how is it done?” and “does it hurt?” Below I have added a video to show the procedure. I can easily say from the people I have worked with, that the procedure is significantly less painful than getting a tattoo because I use a numbing agent, and far less painful than laser.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the all natural tattoo vanish has significantly less likelihood of scarring, even if it does look a little grisly!

It has been incredible meeting so many amazing people, I am really looking forward to upcoming opportunities that are presenting themselves…tune in some good skin stuff is coming!