So, here it goes… me blogging. Pigs do fly.

I am not a big fan of blogging.  Probably not the best introduction to this venture, I know.  Most blogs I have read have been self-fulfilling, self-righteous, boring accounts of activities, and opinions of the authors.  Whether it is wine, food, sport, or any other blurb written, I have found the contents annoying and pompous.  Maybe I am looking and reading in the wrong places.  If so, I am open to good writing and good information.

I am hoping to not bore you. I am setting the intention to not be anything but factual and share the goings on of my new business adventure.  It is my understanding; blogging sets you higher on the web search engines as well.  Business visibility is good.  I like that.

So, here it goes… me blogging.  Pigs do fly.

On the preceding days of opening the “needlery” It is amazing to think about the series of events that led me here.  I have practiced acupuncture and bodywork for over 18 years.  In this economy, and the current climate of insurance, and HMO’s, the hoops are harder and harder to jump through to get paid.  It has became evident alternative sources of income were necessary.  While I love acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and all that I am able to do with the medicine…I needed to mix it up.  I pondered getting my PhD, a nutrition degree, and other forms of adjunct therapies. Nothing grabbed me.

Fortunately a friend and client told me about a needling technique to rid her of the scarring she had after a botched piercing in her navel.  The scar was thick, and discolored.  I was amazed at the profound lightening after a few treatments.  My curiosity was certainly piqued.

I headed to Vancouver BC and learned CIT, needle dermabrasion, and other ways to make the skin look younger and healthier… While there, I asked about lasers and tattoo removal. The education in B.C. included removing ink from horrible permanent make up applications through a cauterization process. I was certain; burning ink off of eyelids was not going to be in my future…but also knew there is a huge need to have such mistakes corrected.

I have worked with thousands of people, and have seen hundreds of tattoo’s.  I would say 90% of people wanted them changed, removed, touched up, or gone.  After the seed was planted in B.C., and speaking with my boyfriend, James about business ideas…we realized the growing potential and need for tattoo removal.  Lasers are expensive, and for the most part, have not been effective for many of my clients.  It is limiting, and the health consequences of ink lying dormant in the lymph is of concern.

As stated in the web site, I researched many varieties of tattoo removal.  I liked the Tattoo Vanish product.  It is all natural, contained no acids, and I was impressed by the education.

Tattoo vanish is based in Las Vegas.  I have never been, so just landing there was a shock!  While there, I learned more in 3 days than I had ever imagined.  I learned about gangs, prison tats, types of tattooing using old Sony Walkman’s, the hardships of gang life, and the challenge of leaving that life behind.  The stories of life and death, and how the tattoo may represent the former life, loved one or symbol in prison for alliances and protection.

I am excited about this venture.  I had no idea it would teach me so much already.   I am hoping the years of acupuncture will help me to be present with what a person may be processing in having a tattoo removed.

And here I thought it was just going to be rainbows and unicorns…with a few roses thrown in!