Tattoo Removal

After almost 20 years of working closely with individuals, and seeing thousands of tattoo’s, I began to notice a pattern. Many people wanted them gone. Some how, the roses, butterflies, or sorority letters did not look so good. The options for removal seemed limited, expensive and painful. I began to do some research, and what I discovered was a product and educational opportunity to work with Tattoo Vanish.

The product was created to fill a need in our present day world to rid the body of their tattoo regrets, some of which are names of former loved ones, gang affiliations, fading ink, or the symbolism of the tattoo is not as relevant. In this job market, removal may be the difference between getting a job, or being able to enlist in the military as stricter guidelines are in force in order to be in the armed forces.

Often times, the tattoo is beautiful, with sections that need removal (name, date, saying) and a lightening is all that is required for a cover up- or touch up. This procedure is perfect for such a need.

Various methods of removal are on the market, and include the following:

Dermabrasion: sanding the skin with a medical grade sander down to the dermal layer where the ink is. This often leaves scars and pigment changes.

Salabrasion: The use of rubbing chemicals or other substances such as acids in to the skin. Again, not optimal results, excessive scarring occurs, while being minimally effective in removing the ink.

Excision: surgical removal. This process is very slow, cutting out small sections of skin at a time, suturing the skin and allowing it to heal, then repeating the process. This process works, however, there is a chance of longer scars and long healing times if there is a large tattoo.

Tattoo removal creams and lotions: Creams and lotions cannot penetrate safely to the dermis to bind and dissolve the ink. Many people have expressed effectiveness with some products. I can not speak to this. I do know that acids are designed dissolve the ink and surrounding tissues. Some brands may be safe for use on the epidermal layers of the skin, but once the acids penetrate the dermal layer, scarring may occur- especially with little monitoring of how the product is used.

Laser: Is the use of strong light that burns the skin and disperses the ink particles, and in to the lymph system. With this fact, many inks are lying dormant in lymph nodes…inks are made of heavy metals, and long term health consequences may be significant. Some inks, contain plastics, the heating of the plastic may severely burn the skin. Lasers, (most at this time), do not remove colors blended with a white pigment- these will turn to black…so that includes: lime, pink, lavender, rose, peach, etc. Removal of green, some blues, and some yellows, without multiple Lasers and great cost will not be effective. The necessity of multiple treatments often causes scarring. The expense and pain associated with lasers are also a great factor in looking for alternatives.

Tattoo Vanish:

Why I like this product and method:

  • all natural
  • no acids
  • removal may take as little as 1-3 treatments
  • less pain
  • removes all colors
  • less costs
  • does not disperse ink throughout the body

I am not going to sugar coat the procedure. The process is similar to getting a tattoo. I use a similar machine and remove the dermal layers of the skin while adding a numbing agent…that way the process is significantly less painful than getting the tattoo or laser performed. Once I get to the level in the skin where I see the ink, I stop to move on to a different section of the tattoo. Once the area of the tattoo has levels of ink revealed, the skin is cleaned and the solution is applied. This is not fun. The pain lasts no more than 2 minutes. After 10 minutes the solution is removed and strict guidelines must be followed for the next 10 days. Detailed home care instructions are given at the time of service.

Feel free to call or email with questions, concerns, or schedule a consultation. In this consultation, I will look at skin type, location of the tattoo, color of the ink, and amount of the ink… an estimate of pricing will be submitted at that time.

As a guideline:

  • 1”x1” is $150.00
  • 2”x2” is $290.00
  • 3”x3” $430.00
  • 4”x4”$600.00

WA Tattoo Removal by The Needlery Using Tattoo Vanish Method